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Our Adoption Fees are a Bargain

Date: Oct 31, 2010

Our Adoption Fees are a Bargain

If you went out and purchased all of the services that CRAFT provides with adopted cats and kittens, it would cost:

Spay/neuter surgery:  $40-$100+
FVRCP 4-in-1 vaccination/boosters (3 to kittens & 2 to adults):  $30-$60+
Bordetella vaccination:  $15+
Deworming (2-3 doses):  $15+
ID chip:  $25+
Carry box:  $8+
Vet exam:  $30-$70

These services would cost you at least $160 for this basic care for just one cat or kitten through the least expensive veterinarian or clinic in the area.

Donations are appreciated! Feel free to "round up" your adoption fee to help other cats and kittens that have no one watching out for them.

CRAFT has helped over 900 cats and kittens this year, but there are so many more still in need!