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Volunteers Needed - Fundraisers, Foster Homes & Trappers!

Date: Oct 24, 2010

Volunteers Needed - Fundraisers, Foster Homes & Trappers!

CRAFT could use the help of anyone who is good at putting together fundraisers!  Many of our volunteers also work full-time jobs, or spend a lot of time with the cats and do not have the time or expertise to put together successful fundraisers. It is an art that needs to be done properly.  If this is something that you feel you can help us with, we would love to hear from you!

We also need foster homes for mom cats and babies and orphaned kittens.  CRAFT will provide all you need – food, litter, supplies, vet support, vaccinations, etc. – if you can provide a safe, loving temporary home until these babies are ready to be adopted out.  It's a commitment of anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of months.

We also need temporary foster homes for cats or kittens that are recovering from surgery or other health issues and need more one on one attention, and kittens and cats that are shy and having a problem adjusting to the sanctuary or being around people, and need some time to figure out that they are safe and to get more socialized.  This is challenging in some cases but can be infinitely rewarding.

And, if you are more adventurous, we can use some 'trappers' – individuals who can help trap and transport stray and feral cats from locations throughout the county and beyond, so that we can get them altered and vaccinated.  If the location is safe and they are receiving care, they are returned – if the caretakers have a problem with the cost of food, we will provide it.  If the cats are at risk by having no caretaker or are being shot at or poisoned, CRAFT will keep them and find them appropriate new homes.  We will provide the traps, carriers and instruction.  Trapping is a real art, sometimes frustrating, sometimes dangerous if you are not careful, but often very rewarding.  Let us know if you want to help your neighborhood or area with this important part of our work.

E-mail info@craftcats.org, or call 541-389-8420.