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Scratching Furniture, Carpet, etc.

Cats have a natural need to scratch, so if you don't have an appropriate scratching post, your cat is probably scratching furniture, carpets, or drapes and driving you crazy.  Don't despair ... there are solutions that don't involve declawing or getting rid of your cat.

  • Don't declaw your cat.  Declawing can cause a cat pain, and it is thought that it may also cause behavior problems like biting, because declawed cats feel very vulnerable and unable to defend themselves.
  • Cats have a natural need to scratch.  So don't punish him for scratching.  It won't work.
  • Provide your cat with a scratching post, cat tree, hanging scratching pad, cardboard scratcher, cat perch, and/or even inexpensive door mat.  Find what your cat likes, and provide him with a variety and rotate them occasionally to keep him interested.
  • Make the scratching post attractive.  Rub it with catnip to attract him.  Some cats prefer sisal, but some like carpet.  Again, find what your cat likes.
  • Be careful not to reward your cat for scratching.  Some cats learn that if they scratch the couch, you will put them outside ... and that's what they want.  If this is the case, only let them out when they are behaving and never when they are scratching an inappropriate item.  Some people train their cat to ask to go outside some alternate way, such as pawing at bells hanging from the door.
  • If possible provide kittens with scratching toys and posts so that they learn early which items are appropriate for scratching.
  • Occasionally trim your cats nail using fingernail clippers.  Be careful not to trim too much as it can hurt your cat.
  • If all else fails, try SoftPaws.  Softpaws are small covers that go over your cats claws.