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caring for barn cats

feral catsCRAFT is dedicated to ending pet homelessness through spay and neuter services, while also providing the very best care for stray and homeless pets. The barn cat program was developed because there are few options for feral (wild) and outdoor-type cats available in our community.

You have chosen to provide a lifetime of care for animals that have few other options, and we thank you! These cats have been altered and vaccinated and are ready for a new start!

Feral cats can be dangerous, so remember to avoid handling them or call us for assistance if you must transport them for some reason.

What we require for our barn cat adoptions:
  1. An enclosed place to house the cats for one to two weeks while they become acclimated to their new environment. Placing food, water, a litter box and a bed in this area will help them learn where their home base is. If they are wild cats, place the bed inside a box or other enclosed area so that they can hide and feel safe. Giving the cats occasional treats of wet food will really keep them around, especially at first when they are disoriented from the move. When it is time to release the cats, quietly open the door and leave. Let them explore the rest of their territory on their own terms and come back to the food when they are ready. If you want to move the feeding station, move it just a few feet per day until it is it the desired location. This will keep them from looking elsewhere for food and leaving the area.
  2. At all times, the cats must have access to adequate shelter, a safe, dry bed, dry food, and fresh water (heated water bowls are available at feed and pet supply stores). These cats are very smart and capable, but still depend on you for basic care. Studies show that cats that are fed regularly are better mousers because they have better overall health and more energy. Care must also be taken to keep the cats from harm from aggressive dogs and predators.
  3. If you have adopted feral barn cats, you will probably not be able to touch them during their lifetime. If you find one has been injured or is in need of medical attention, please contact us immediately.
  4. Tame cats will need to stay current on vaccines - at least a booster one year from adoption, and every three years after that. You can buy vaccines at feed stores and give them yourself, or your regular vet can give them. You can also get low-cost vaccinations at the Bend Spay & Neuter Project clinic and through vaccination clinics at Petco, Bend Pet Express and Mini Pet Mart.
  5. If you are away from home for more than a few days, you will need to arrange for someone to provide the cats with food and fresh water. If you must move, please notify us if you need help relocating the cats to your new home or to another location if you cannot keep them.