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Thank you for your past support!
CRAFT is CLOSED. Please read articles.
For details or help, contact:
or 541-389-8420 or 541-598-5488.

Precious Cat Litters

Precious Cat Litters

We'd like to thank Precious Cat Litters for their generous donation of litter!

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Donations can also be made by check mailed to:
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Tax ID #26-3044332

CRAFT receives no government funding, but operates solely through the contributions of its volunteers and generous people like you. All donations we receive go directly toward the care and well-being of cats and kittens. Donations may be used to purchase food, cat litter and other supplies, or to pay for veterinary care, including vaccines and spay/neuters. NO MONEY goes toward administrative fees or paid employees. CRAFT is an all-volunteer organization.

Since many of the cats that come to us have been abandoned and/or neglected, many have health issues that must be treated prior to adoption, making veterinary care a major expense of CRAFT. One of our biggest expenses is for dental work. Many people don't realize that once a cat is a little older, and especially having lived on a poor diet, their teeth and/or gums can develop severe tartar and infections. Left untreated, this becomes extremely painful, and can lead to kidney failure and other problems, even death. Veterinary care, dental surgeries in particular, can become very costly.

Your tax-deductible donations are gratefully accepted. We are now accepting credit card donations via PayPal and JustGive. They are both safe and easy ways to pay, using your credit card or bank account without exposing your account numbers.

  • PayPal Options - Donation to help a specific cat or purpose - just click "add special instructions" at final checkout review and indicate the name of the cat in the box.
  • JustGive Options - Designate a specific cat or purpose, make recurring donations, or donate as a gift in someone else's name, or as a memorial.

CRAFT is also happy to accept donations of quality cat food, cat litter, clean towels, or other items on our wish list.

The volunteers at CRAFT and the cats and kittens thank you.