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Does purring mean a cat is happy?

Maybe. Some cats do purr when happy or contented, but some cats will also purr when ill, injured, frightened, or stressed..  Some behaviorists believe that cats purr to comfort themselves and to signal non-aggressive intentions.

How many dogs and cats are euthanized in shelters each year?

Six to eight million shelter cats and dogs are euthanized annually.  The Pawprints and Purrs, Inc. website has a great article about pet overpopulation, which is packed with more eye-opening facts like this and, more importantly, ways you can help.

Is it true that kittens can't be spayed or neutered until they are 6 months old?

No.  The newer anesthetics are very safe, allowing cats to be safely spayed or neutered as young as 8 weeks of age.

I have allergies and can't keep my cat.

Cat allergy is one of the top reasons we hear for owners needing to re-home their cats.  Depending on the severity of the allergy, you may be able to keep your cat.  There are steps you can take to minimize and/or eliminate allergy symptoms.  We recommend that you try these first. 

If you've tried the steps in the article linked above, and you still feel you can't keep your cat, we recommend that you make every attempt to find him a new home.  Try friends, family, co-workers and place ads.  Be sure to check out his new home to ensure that he will be well cared for and loved.