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Thank you for your past support!
CRAFT is CLOSED. Please read articles.
For details or help, contact:
or 541-389-8420 or 541-598-5488.

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what you need to know before visiting the CRAFT cattery

CRAFT cattery

Adult cats for the most part are "free" in the cattery, so visitors can observe personalities quickly. Older kittens are also "free" in their portion of the cattery. Small kittens and kittens still with their mothers are typically in large cages.

If you plan to adopt a cat or kitten, please bring a carrier if you have one. We can loan out carriers if you do not have one to use.

Prior to adoption, all CRAFT cats and kittens are spayed/neutered, vaccinated for FVRCP (distemper and several types of upper respiratory disease) and FELV (feline leukemia). Kittens may need booster shots after adoption, depending on when they got the first vaccines. All have been dewormed and tame cats have an identification microchip. Feral (wild) barn/shop cats are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, dewormed and eartipped for identification purposes.

If someone wants to adopt a cat or kitten that is not yet ready to leave, or if a person wants to adopt but will not be home for a while due to vacations, etc., we are happy to hold the cat or kitten until the time is right, within reason.

There is a minimal adoption fee for tame cat and kittens. There are often special two for one adoption programs, and a special adoption program for seniors wanting to adopt adult cats. Feral cats are adopted out at no cost, but adopters must agree to provide adequate food, shelter and water at all times.

Adoption fees do not begin to cover the cost of veterinary fees and ongoing care at the cattery, so donations are always welcome. We can also use good quality cat and kitten food, kitten formula, litter of all kinds, and supplies such as paper towels, laundry soap, hand cleaner, litter boxes, clean towels and sheets, unused carriers or cages, etc.

Our guarantee: We will take back a cat or kitten and refund any adoption fee or exchange for another if within the first ten days the new pet is not working out for any reason. After that time, we are happy to take back any cat or kitten we've placed for any reason ... we do not want them going to a shelter.

Thank you for considering a CRAFT cat or kitten as your new family friend!