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Date: Aug 31, 2010


Not much is known about Freddie's past. He first showed up at our Clear One site about two years ago. Always friendly and talkative, Freddie was never finicky about choosing his friends - content to ask anyone for a scratch behind the ear. Weather didn't seem to bother Freddie, either. We would see him in rain, shine, snow, or freezing weather. We all thought that Freddie must have a home close by, but it turns out he was likely an abandoned feline.

A few weeks ago, Freddie turned up with a very large abscess on his neck. James Hanson (IT - Government Programs) decided to take him to the Humane Society for medical care, but a commotion with some dogs scared Freddie, and he ran away. We didn't see Freddie for a week. 

Lynn Klass (Enrollment and Billing) came to my desk a week later to say there was a cat hanging out under my truck. We suspected it was Freddie, so Carla Eagle (Customer Service) and I went down to the parking lot to investigate. We quickly found Freddie under the truck. He had a few scratches, and upon closer inspection we discovered that the abscess had literally exploded, taking half of his neck and jaw tissue. We needed to help this poor animal.

James called around for someone who could quickly care for Freddie and found Cat Rescue, Adoption, and Foster Team (CRAFT), a no-kill, nonprofit agency that could assist us. James and I took Freddie to CRAFT where he received top-notch medical attention - and a lot of TLC. We sat with Freddie while he received pain medication and had his wounds cleaned. The next day, Freddie was transferred to an animal hospital where his wound was sewn shut, he received a micro chip, and he was neutered so that he could be adopted.  

In the mean time, we needed to raise money for Freddie's veterinary bills. Daina Williams (Provider Network) offered to help with the expenses, but she couldn't cover the entire bill. I sent an e-mail to our local staff to ask for help. Within hours, we received more than $400! The funds covered Freddie's feline leukemia test and a $197 donation to CRAFT. The remaining $100 was set aside in an adoption fund for any employee wanting to adopt Freddie.

After his surgery, Freddie stayed at CRAFT for a few days to recuperate, so he'd be ready for adoption by a loving family. Little did Freddie know, someone was already waiting to take him to his new forever home.   While he was in recovery, Lynn had paid the adoption fees and completed the necessary paperwork to adopt Freddie from CRAFT.

Today, Freddie is fitting into his new home very nicely. He has already staked out the window ledges as his favorite spots, followed closely by the coffee table and any available lap space. Freddie gets along well with his new canine siblings, Harley and Lucy. Each night before bed, Freddie and Lucy play a quick game of cat and dog, chasing each other around the house. Once the game ends, everyone heads upstairs to take their designated spots on the bed. Freddie also helps Lynn put on her makeup every morning.

Freddie is very grateful for the new life he has been given, thanks to the employees in our Bend office and the volunteers at CRAFT.  "Meow, meow," he says. To which he adds, "Purrrrrrr..."

By Adena Steumke

Lynn K.