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happy tales


Date: Sep 19, 2009


Scruffy arrived at CRAFT with green puss oozing from his mouth, due to a very painful, abcessed tooth. Scruffy had difficulty eating, as his condition had caused his tongue to hang out when he tried to eat. We took him immediately to Dr. Peggy Griffin, who operated on his mouth. She pulled 11 rotten teeth and sewed up a hole in his jaw that contained cheat grass (which likely caused the infection/inflammation). He was in such bad shape, it was thought he might not pull through. But, he began his speedy recovery almost immediately after surgery, enjoying an entire can of cat food for dinner. Throughout October and November, Scruffy continued to improve. The antibiotics he was on to prevent further infection after surgery caused him to lose clumps of hair, but once he no longer required any medication his hair grew back in nicely. Scruffy's new owner, Barbara, took him home in December, where he will live out his life as an "inside only" cat, enjoying the love, care and affection he deserves.