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happy tales


Date: Sep 22, 2008


Thomas, a scruffy-looking black and white former tomcat, was branded feral at the shelter and would have been euthanized had a volunteer not gotten him out at the last minute.

He was terrified and no one could handle him. He was placed in a pen in the volunteer's tack room, where he did not get any more social. The weather was starting to get hot and she was concerned about him being confined there, so he came to my house after being neutered and vaccinated.

I got him set up in a cage near the kitchen so I could evaluate him, but for a couple of days he remained hidden inside a carrier in the cage, hissing if I got too close. I had just about decided that he was feral and would need to be placed as a barn cat.

Another volunteer, who knew that during the busy kitty season I probably would not be cooking meals for myself, had left me some soup that her husband had made. I popped it into the microwave and Thomas, who had hardly shown his face, came out of the carrier and meowed at me, "I want some of that!" I shared my soup with him, and he rolled onto his back and allowed me to rub his belly, and from that point on, no one could believe that he was thought to be a feral cat. He was soon adopted by a retired lady and now lives the good life with her.

Bonnie Baker, CRAFT Founder