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Quila and Festus

Date: Apr 10, 2009

Quila and Festus

Hello Friends! I'm just dropping a note to let you all know how Xander is doing. We've renamed him to Quila (like tequila, it'll make you go blind). My goodness, he is such a sweetheart! He's just loving all the attention, he's getting along fine with the other cats and thoroughly enjoys all the cat toys! He's learning how to negotiate our long set of stairs. His first attempt was a bit of a surprise for him and quite humorous for the spectators. His depth perception just isn't normal (of course) and he reaches out with an arm, all around, til he locates the stair. He and I have really bonded well, he follows me all over the house and runs towards me when I call his name. Festus has kinda become his body guard of sorts. Where ever Quila is, Festus isn't too far away. They've actually played several times with the foil balls. Festus is so layed back and loves the attention from my grand daughters. I've attached a couple pictures to assure all of you, your babies are doin' great!

Gwen R., La Pine