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Date: Apr 10, 2009


We just recently (1 mo) adopted a kitty from you. She was named Misha (SiameseX) and came from John Day . We now call her Suki and she seems to already know it. She comes to us when we call. She is one of the most fantastic kitties we have ever had. She likes everyone that comes to visit at our house, even the grandkids. She actually plays with them. She was spayed on a Monday, we picked her up on Tuesday and by Thursday was following us all over the house. She spends her evenings trying to decide which lap to lay on. Thursday evening she draped herself across my chest and shoulder while I was playing on the computer and fell asleep. Even tho she slid down and nearly fell off, she didn't claw or dig in. She is already sleeping at our feet on the bed during the night. As you can see from the pics I have included she is doing well. She likes laps the best but will sit just about anywhere, as long as she can be on a body. We count our blessings to have found you and her. Thank you, we have told everyone where we got her and recommended anyone we know looking for a cat to come see you.

Anne and Dave K.