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Sir Oliver

Date: Mar 5, 2013

Sir Oliver

This is Sir Oliver who was recently adopted from Craft.  The volunteers received a call from a woman in a remote area who said that there had been a cat crying under her deck for 4 days, and if someone didn't come and remove it, her son would shoot it because it was disturbing his video games.  The volunteer wasted no time driving the hour one-way to rescue him, and he immediately ran up to her.  This little kitten, who was maybe five months old, quite small and had injuries on his face, had burrowed through deep snow to underneath the deck for safety.  The temperature was below freezing and had been for days.  He was eating whatever dog food he could get to when the dogs in the yard were not watching.  The people lived next to an unmanned fire station in a very rural, forested part of the county, and Oliver was likely dumped there and went to the first home he saw.  Between the wild predators, the weather, the dogs and the people, he is lucky to have survived.

He now has the best possible home imaginable.  His adopters, who are CRAFT volunteers, had lost a beloved cat several years ago to illness, and hesitated getting another, but when they were doing chores at the sanctuary and met Oliver, they could not resist him and his wonderful personality.  He is quite handsome and doing great, and is even making progress in befriending their other older, grumpy cat.

According to his new family, "We really love him and he is turning out to be a great cat.  Now he is living the good life here in Eagle Crest."

Bill and Betty